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Passages for August 16-20

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

Fellow Passengers: Here are the Daily Passages for this coming week’s journey through sacred space. The theme of the week is “Taking Requests.” As you travel through these passages, ponder the kinds of questions you are in the habit of asking – of other people as well as of God. What do these questions reveal about your spiritual life?

  • Monday’s Primary Passage: Mark 10:35-52*
  • Tuesday’s Promise Passage: I Kings 2
  • Wednesday’s Poetry Passage: Psalm 20
  • Thursday’s Prophetic Passage: Jeremiah 21
  • Friday’s Pastoral Passage: I Timothy 2:1-7

*I’m starting here with the Daily Passages because I’m in the middle of Mark in my weekly Bible study at the Buncombe County Jail. I want to give lots of credit to the men there in the jail, for the engagement and insight they bring to the passages each week.


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