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In Our Elements (IOE) offers a set of resources and services designed to help individuals and groups reach that creative space where they are doing what they love, while making their contributions to a better world. IOE features include:

* Retreats and Workshops for team-building and staff development

* Coaching for effective leadership development

* Team-Building Tools with adaptable resources for engaged learning initiatives

* Reflection Materials for individual contemplation and group dialogue

IOE adapts these features to benefit educators, ministers, business and community leaders who want to experience a higher level of engagement and team chemistry in their schools, churches, workplaces, or communities.

Key Values: IOE engages in work that is–

* Transformational – creating positive change in the individuals and groups we work with.

* Alignment-Oriented – creating stronger connections between the various aspects of one’s life –  beliefs, behaviors, decisions, interactions, practices.

* Of Lasting Value – creating practical applications that will continue far beyond one’s experiences with IOE.

Contact Stan Dotson, founding director of InOurElements, for information on engaging the services of IOE.  phone: 828-702-2120, email standotson@inourelements.com

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  • Our Partners

    Daily Passages Blog

    A weekday journey connecting sacred texts, cultural arts, and our lives in community.


    IOE partners and clientele past and present include:

    The Bonner Foundation

    The Cousins Foundation

    Davidson College

    Asheville First Baptist

    Ecclesia Baptist Church

    Circle of Mercy Congregation

    MAHEC (Mountain Area Health Education Center)

    The Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America

    Lake Logan Episcopal Center

    Centro Kairos in Matanzas, Cuba