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IOE Curriculum Unit One: The Water Element Sessions

The IOE Water Elements Sessions comes as a downloadable PDF file, offering a 12-session set of curriculum materials designed to boost the knowledge base, skill set, and values commitment of your group, team, or organization.  The learning objectives for the Water Elements Sessions are threefold: to build the knowledge base of self-awareness and the unique gifts and abilities one brings to the group, to build the skill set of active listening, and to build the values commitment of courage.

IOE materials target multiple learning styles and include a variety of activities for each session. Click here to read more about the IOE Water Element sessions. The price of the materials varies according to the type and size of your organization. The drop-down menu beside the Quantity button below will give you the pricing guide. Downloading the file gives you the right to use the materials with as many groups as you like within your organization. Anyone purchasing the materials will also receive an invitation to join an online community of facilitators to receive updated activities and to share ideas and questions and best practices on how to utilize the resources. After you have purchased the materials, simply send an email to to request access to the online community of facilitators.

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