Creative Team Building and Leadership Resources - In our Elements


In Our Elements staff work with groups and group leaders to plan and facilitate initiatives for engaged learning, with activities that address knowledge bases, skill sets, and core values for strengthening leadership and team chemistry. The initiatives target different learning styles so that all group members can find avenues of full participation. IOE offers 12 different modules of team-building materials to choose from, with opportunities to pick and choose among the modules to create the retreat or workshop experience best suited to the needs of your group. Here is an outline of the workshop module themes:

IOE Workshops Flowing Igniting Creating Soaring
Knowledge Bases Self- Awareness Social  Causes Systems Theory Sustainable Development
Skill Sets Active Listening Difficult Dialogue Conflict Mediation Resource   Generation
Core Values Courage Integrity Respect Inspiration

The IOE initiatives in these modules can be used within a variety of time constraints:

  • multi-day retreats
  • day-long or half-day workshops
  • hour-long staff development meetings

IOE staff are available to facilitate the initiatives, and we also offer train the trainer events to equip leaders who want to facilitate IOE sessions in their own workplace. Contact for more details and pricing information.

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