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In Our Elements (IOE) offers a set of resources and services designed to help individuals and groups reach that creative space where they are doing what they love, while making their contributions to a better world. IOE features include:

* Retreats and Workshops for team-building and staff development

* Coaching for effective leadership development

* Team-Building Tools with adaptable resources for engaged learning initiatives

* Reflection Materials for individual contemplation and group dialogue

IOE adapts these features to benefit educators, ministers, business and community leaders who want to experience a higher level of engagement and team chemistry in their schools, churches, workplaces, or communities.

Key Values: IOE engages in work that is–

* Transformational – creating positive change in the individuals and groups we work with.

* Alignment-Oriented – creating stronger connections between the various aspects of one’s life –  beliefs, behaviors, decisions, interactions, practices.

* Of Lasting Value – creating practical applications that will continue far beyond one’s experiences with IOE.

Contact Stan Dotson, founding director of InOurElements, for information on engaging the services of IOE.  phone: 828-712-1407, email

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