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Testimonials for Poor Memory

Here’s what folks are saying about Poor Memory:

Dear Stan, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been reading your novel. . . It’s very enjoyable. Makes me wonder. . . why the South seems to turn out so many writers in a sort of “ain’t–life–strange–cruel–funny” Flannery O’Connor/William Faulkner/etc. genre. (That was a compliment). Anyway, you’ve captured a lot of truth, with a great wit and an easy reading style, and I’m grateful you’ve shared it with me. —Joyce Hollyday, author of “Clothed With the Sun”

(after reading earlier drafts and giving good editorial advice) Hi Stan, I think your additions are wonderful, exactly what was needed to bring Chris alive and heighten our Preacher Boy’s inner conflict. So—yes! Good luck! —Lee Smith, author of “Fair and Tender Ladies”

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