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Poor Memory – Author’s Cut

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Poor Memory is a cultural journey through the 1960s and 70s. Music, television, food, politics, and southern religion are as much a part of the cast of characters as are the preacher boy and the crazy old woman. In this interactive eBook version you will be able to click on any one of over 100 links to online resources that will give you some of the backstory and soundtrack to the novel. In this “author’s cut” version, you’ll be able to get recipes for Shaker Sugar Pie as well as sousse meat. You’ll be able to watch vintage commercials and a scene of Arnold Ziffel, the talking pig. You’ll be able to hear Cynthia Clawson sing “Softly and Tenderly” and listen to an interview with Cheryl Tiegs talking about her fishnet swimsuit cover photo. It’s a veritable romp through the nostalgic sensory world of this preacher boy trying to find his way and discover his calling.   Read more reviews. . .

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