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Leadership Coaching

In Our Elements utilizes a coach-approach model for leadership development. A coach-approach sees the facilitator as the guide on the side, rather than the sage on the stage. The job of the coach is to build the capacity of that leader to make full and wise use of those gifts and abilities. A coaching model also makes use of core questions, rather than pat answers, based on the premise that the gifts and abilities lie within the leader, not the coach. Four elemental questions form the basis of IOE’s coaching conversations:

FIRE – What ignites your work?

WATER – Where do you find the flow in your work?

AIR – What breathes new life into your work?

EARTH – What cultivates growth in your work?

IOE staff work with leaders to probe these and other questions to work toward “maximum capacity” – the full employment of one’s knowledge, skills, and values to meet challenges, solve problems, create opportunities, and experience life and work completely in one’s element.

For more information on accessing the services of IOE coaches, contact or call 828-702-2120.

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