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Sit right back and you’ll hear a tale – a tale a fateful trip (of sorts), a journey through the lives of people from all walks of life who have figured out how to be in their element. These are people who have discovered life and work that ignites, that flows, that creates, that soars. If you have a suggestion for someone who fits that bill and would make a good (Pod)Castaway interview, feel free to post your suggestion in the comment section of

The interviews are based on four elemental questions, emerging from reflections on the four elements.

The Fire Question: What is your vocation? – What are your earliest memories of discovering that spark, that fire in the belly, telling what you wanted to do and be in life?

The Water Question: When do you experience exultation? – When are you most in “the flow” in your work, being carried away by the current of joy and excitement so much that you lose track of time; how do you get to that space where you get lost in your work, where it feels more like pleasure than work?

The Air Question: Who are your sources of inspiration? – Who (or what) helps sustain your work over the long haul, breathing life into that work?

The Earth Question: Where do you get the most satisfaction? – Where can you point to the most rewarding part of your work, the most fruitful part of your labor, where the world is harvesting from the seeds you have sown and tended?

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