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A Guide to Daily Passages

I love the old Monopoly game’s Chance card, Take a Ride on the Reading. I know it’s talking about a railroad, but I’ve found that reading really does take me for a ride. That’s why I love the phrase that I’ve always heard associated with sections of the Bible–a passage of scripture. It makes me think that reading a passage from the sacred text is like standing on the transporter pad of the Enterprise, or grabbing hold of a portkey at Hogwarts, or walking through the back of the wardrobe in Digory’s old English country house. You have no idea where these passages might  take you.

With that in mind, I’m using this blog as a platform for an adventuresome journey through scripture. Actually, there are five platforms here, one for each weekday’s passage. Each week will have a theme for the journey.

  • Monday’s platform is the starting point for the Primary Passage, taken from a gospel story in the life of Jesus. We’ll start in Matthew and travel through all four gospels in the course of a few years, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise. The rest of the week will offer us supporting passages for that central gospel story.
  • Tuesday’s platform is the launching pad for a Promise Passage, a story taken from one of the stories of the Hebrew covenant community.
  • Wednesday’s platform is the launching pad for a Poetry Passage, taken from the Psalms and other poetic writings.
  • Thursday’s platform is the launching pad for a Prophetic Passage, taken from one of the Hebrew prophets.
  • Friday’s platform is the launching pad for a Pastoral Passage, taken from one of the pastoral epistles to the early church.

Each weekday, I’ll share in the blog where the day’s passage takes me. I invite you to travel along and share the sights and insights you gain from the passage. On weekends, we take a break from the travels. Saturday’s a good day to check out my other blog, Free Ride, and Sunday’s a good day to check out my weekly interview on (Pod)Castaways.

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