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God’s Yearning: Guest Blog from Kelly Dotson

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Fellow Passengers: I do not have to travel far to know where today’s Prophetic Passage (Isaiah 59:16-21) takes me.  It takes me right into down town Asheville where our city’s on version of Occupy Wall Street is taking place.  It takes me into downtown Asheville where files upon files of couples over a two week period courageously marched into the Register of Deeds Office to request their right to marry the one that they love and have equal rights.  It transports me to last advent and the reading of Hope Lives when I was challenged by my own wealth.  It transports me to Kenya, Africa where my friend Nicole spent two weeks last year.  The stories and pictures she brought back changed my lens forever.  It transports me to the office of The Methodist Social Federation who has opened my eyes to the injustices of child slavery and servitude.  It transports me to a You Tube Video entitled World of Injustice where faces of poverty haunt me and a singer cries out “If there is One above why watch us cry”  “where is the justice, it should be here on earth not just in heaven above” (author unknown).

We experience injustice.  We ask Where God is?  Isaiah tells us it is not God who has moved.  It is our own sins and iniquities that have moved us.  It is the fault of the world in which we live.  While there is a remnant in Israel who live right, it does not seem to be enough.  God yearns for humanity to rise up and seek justice and mercy. God yearns for His children to intervene.  But… can not be found.  The blind lead the blind.  We grope in the dark, needing the light of justice and mercy to shine and knowing not how to get there.  Everywhere we turn there are widows in needs, orphans without parents, homeless with no shelter from the elements, poor not knowing where the next meal will come from, violence robbing us of our innocence,  innocent persons killed by terror, children being murdered by parents and God sees there is no justice and God is displeased!  God sees that there is no one to stand up and intervene.

However, as the You Tube Video I earlier shared states “In a world of injustice all we have is Hope.”  He puts on His Breastplate of Righteousness, His helmet of Salvation and like a pent up flood Justice Rolls!  The promise is there.  The promise of the Spirit of God remaining with God’s people.  The promise of  a Redeemer!  The Redeemer Kinsman was responsible for protecting the person’s, the property and the rights of his people.  Once and for all in Jesus Christ God sends the ultimate kinsman redeemer, the protector of God’s people.  The protector of us all.  How do we respond?  We put on God’s breastplate of Righteousness.  We put on God’s helmet of Salvation and we do our part in bringing justice to the places of injustice that surround us.

Kelly Dotson is the Founder of My Father’s Eyes Ministries, providing outreach to those who have felt orphaned or abandoned by the church. She is also a member of Longs Chapel United Methodist Church.



  • May 22, 2012 at 2:14 pm

    I was raised a catholic but left the church 2 years ago. I had been a strong devout Catholic but was let down by the church. I suffered persecution,bullying and a conspiracy to bar me from promotion in my work place. I eventually left the organisation and went through what is called a long dark night of the soul. I was disappointed with the RC church. It was a Jobs comforter to me. I became soured towards it and God. I was disappointed and angry with God and found myself drifting towards atheism. My reason stopped me in my tracks. Atheism just did not make sense. I still believed in God but my relationship with him was seriously impaired. Yet I felt God nagging me. I kept thinking ‘will I lose my salvation?’I could think of nothing else day and night. I wanted to seek the truth for myself by surfing the internet and reading books, blogging etc. I felt a yearning for God and a compulsion to read the NT. I read St.Pauls epistles and recently fell in love with God all over again. I could not stop crying because of my rediscovering of God, of God’s love for me. In my despair I kept seeking him and he was seeking me. Although nothing has changed externally in my life I feel I love God now more than I have ever done. I thought my relationship with him had soured for good. I feel a compulsion to read the scriptures more and yearn to serve God in some meaningful way. I pray that God will bring me opportunities to do good, no matter how small. I yearn to bring others to Christ. It is all I think about and I feel so joyful. I have grown to love St.Paul. I am still seeking a spiritual home. I recently attended a Methodist church service and thought it was fantastic. I need the fellowship of other believers for support. There is a purpose for everything. All things come to the good for those who love God said St.Paul. The Lord truly does work in mysterious ways his wonders to perform. I believe what I experienced was the Holy Spirit.

    Comment by Frances Flanagan

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